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Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Interesting choice of quotes.


The quotes are fatalistic and but the actual tattoos might depict; and at the same time (I think) are telling us that sometimes in there are happy and there are sad times.

Great portraits.


There is a lot of "fate" in these quotes. Funny, considering the life of gangs' members... it's almost like they didn't choose their destiny.

I'm sure a lot of them didn't though.


Awesome ink art, I wonder why one of them is inquiring after Judas, though.

Ashish Sidapara

The first tattoo is impressive, superb series, as always!


So only god can judge them, then i wonder how they ended up in jail :-)


"Only God can judge me"

That's pretty darn right!

Charles Ravndal

The series is real as it gets. I am loving it but looking at the pictures somewhat lessens my interest in getting a tattoo for myself. It looks somewhat painful


pretty fatalistic indeed. most of these folks have probably given up on life.

luna miranda

Only God Can Judge Me---indeed! it's also a song by Tupac Shakur, an ex-con and murder victim.


Wow that first tattoo is awesome.
Love the way these guys smile for the photo.


L'aspect définitif du tatouage, empêche aussi de changer d'avis... faut pas l'oublier...


these tattoos are very interesting. the text really evokes that hope.

One thing that struck me is the tattoo that reads: In loving memory ... cashman. is he family?

Photo Cache

Sidney have you featured or taken a shot of an older gentleman who's got wrinkled skin with tattoo? I just want to see how the tattoes fare when the skin get wrinkled. Just asking. Still enjoying this series.

Manila Photojournalism

This entire series is far more in-depth than I've expected, Sidney. Impressive!

dennis villegas

"Only God can Judge me"...yeah line...beautiful tattoo...


"Only God can judge me" - I love this line, but not enough to have it tattooed on me.


Les trouvailles des humains sont pleines d'imagination. Certaines de ces images prêtent à sourire tandis que d'autres, nombreuses parlent d'angoisse et de désespoir.


Intéressant de rebondir et de mettre en scène sur sa peau le comique et le tragique de l'existence. Tes modèles apprécient ton regard sur eux :)


i hope they have an art program for the inmates...

maybe they can create artworks using other mediums too...

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